Fascinator is one of the most characteristic attributes of ladies. Widely worn by members of the British royal family and Parisian women, it has been seen more and more often in our home salons. On what occasions to wear a black fascinator? When to avoid it? We advise you.

How to wear black fascinator?

Evening accessory. Black fascinator with tulle, feathers  and beads fits perfectly with ball dresses, elegant gloves and chic jewelry. It will be a perfect addition to carnival hairstyles, especially as it can change the character of simple, minimalist creations, giving them the look of expensive haute couture outfits. A small black flower in hair or an hairband can be worn at club parties or on a daily basis.

Daily parties. Family or company celebrations will be a good opportunity to present in a beautiful headpiece. In this role, the black fascinator with brim or in the form of swirls will be perfect for styling chic and sex appeal.

Funeral. Ladies wearing black headwear at the funeral are most often seen in films. However, we can also complement our outfit with a hat, a veil or a classic fascinator with a veil. In this way, the styling will become more elegant, so we can also show greater respect for the deceased and their mourning. The headgear for this occasion should above all be modest. That is why the black fascinator or  hat especially with veiling is most recommended.

6- black funeral hat with veil.jpg

Wedding parties. A black fascinator with a veil will not be a good solution for wedding parties. The closest guests can choose this type of accessory, but in a different colour.

What kind of haircut is right for your fascinator?

Fascinator looks best for smooth updos, short, mid-length and long hairstyles with straight or slightly wavy hair and quite simple buns. We do not wear the fascinator for spectacularly curly and very fancy updos. The head may then seem disproportionately large in relation to the rest of the body. Fascinators look perfect when pinned slightly on the side of the head, for example on a side parting of the head..