Pillbox hat is an elegant decoration, which properly selected, will be a great addition for special occasions. Depending on personal preferences or the nature of the styling, we can choose a more or less extravagant model. The Bozka brand creates extravagant coctail hats, among which each woman will find the perfect one for herself.

Cocktail hat – elegant accessory for a special occasion

Pillbox hat looks great as an addition during special celebrations. Coctail hats are usually worn on the occasion of weddings, carnival balls and other events where we want to look elegant and chic. Extravagant hat can add mysstery or make a simple dress take on an incredible spell and turn it into a truly royal outfit. This small decoration, usually fastened with a clasp or band, is an original accessory, which is worth allowing from time to time. Recommended usually to the bride's or groom's mom, a pillbox hat with a modern swirl or a delicate veil can also be a perfect addition to a wedding dress.

In the offer of Bozka brand we can find both very chic models of pillbox hats, decorated with lace and feathers, as well as coctail hats with a modern, youthful stitch, although the same pillbox hats are usually associated with the retro style. The former are perfectly complemented by elegant outfits, such as a suit or a ball gown. They add subtleties and lightness to the whole styling and make each lady more feminine. In a more modern version we can put on a hat without brim for a party with friends or for a walk with our beloved. A pillbox hat with fancy shape of heart or tear is an original addition, in which we will surely look at each other.