A headpiece is often the perfect complement to the styling – especially the elegant, prepared for a special occasion. Always remember a few basic principles of fashion savoir vivre when putting your outfit. Although a hat with a large brim or a pillbox hat with veil looks very impressive, it should not always be worn. Below you will find a few tips on how to choose a headgear to suit the occasion.

Heapiece is most often mentioned in the context of weddings. In this case we also have by far the most freedom. A wedding is a unique opportunity that requires elegant and sophisticated styling. In addition, it is in a good tone that the ladies entering the church have their heads covered. Many people also think that a headgear is a sign of respect for the bride and groom and familiarity with the etiquette.

Pigeon blue fascinator   Red flower fascinator

Whether we take off our cocktail headwear at the wedding or not depends largely on its size. Large hats with brim should be taken off in the evening and before entering the church, because they may attract too much attention (on this day the eyes of all gathered guests should be on the Bride). This type of weeding hat is best left in the cloakroom in order to have fun at the wedding party.

Ladies looking for a more versatile accessory should pay special attention to headbands with veiling, mini hats, felt fascinators, flowers and hair twigs. They are small in size and are considered to be a great cocktail decoration. For this reason, they don't have to be removed before entering church, and you can dance for hours at the wedding without any problems. The bride and groom's family, i.e. mother, witness and possibly bridesmaid, should take care of the headgear for the wedding. Also the Bride, who does not feel well in the veil, can successfully put on her head a silk fascinator with feathers, a bow with a veil or a wedding band with pearl balls.

The weeding hat is often chosen in the same color scheme as the outfit, but this is not the rule. It can also be matched by contrast, e.g. a fuchsia or red fascinator for a nude dress or a navy blue hair decoration for a green creation. It is also important that the shade of the headgear matches your complexion and is facial. Just like with other elements of your outfit, you should choose a hood in which you feel good. Many fascinators and pillow box hats are made on a headband or comb, so we don't have to worry about choosing the right size. Weeding hats are a beautiful addition that adds variety to your outfit and makes you feel truly royal once in a while.