A hat is an element of an outfit, which should be placed in the wardrobe of every person who cares about style and elegance. However, not every hat fits every style. It's similar to the fascinator. It all depends on the occasion, type, colour and style of the headpiece.

Light and small fascinator

Fascinator is nothing more than a fancy hair decoration, mounted on a band, a comb or clips. It is perfect for all kinds of banquets, wedding parties or formal garden parties. Its biggest advantage is that it can stay on the head until the end of the dance party. Does the fascinator fit every woman? Yes, if she chooses the right model for herself. Some will feel better in simple decorations with minimalist design, others will love the fascinators decorated with lace, feathers, veils or intriguing patches. Retro style fascinators with interesting, spacious forms, which will be a perfect complement to a simple dress or a suit, will also look beautifully on your head. It will not work on derby and funerals.

This type of headpiece will also be an elegant decoration complementing the elegant creation of a little girl. Flowers on a comb, bows, clips or hairbands will present themselves beautifully at birthdays or other family celebrations, during which the little girl will feel like a real lady.

When deciding on a small fascinator, one should remember to consider other add-ons. Such a characteristic decoration will undoubtedly attract attention, so we can resign from eye-catching jewelry and put only on a minimalist accent in the form of a delicate golden chain or bracelet. The combination of a fascinator with a lot of jewelry is a proposal for the brave, but appropriately combined, will also look great.

Stylish and elegant hat

Properly selected hat will also work well during formal occasions. For a party or banquet you can put on an elegant black and white hat or a model in a sharp green color, which will be perfectly composed with a matching dress and pins.

A hat with a bigger brim is also a good idea for an graden party with family and friends. We will match it with a loose dress in flowers or ethnic patterns or a classic uniform suit and sandals on a pole.

The classic black cocktail hat will be a great addition to a funeral.