Golden toque with for the groom's mother

Parents are the most important people after the newlyweds at the wedding. Anyway, the child’s wedding is a special celebration ... touching, especially important, elegant. In order to emphasize the importance of the event, mothers look for such headpieces as a cocktail hat, a toque or a fascinator for the wedding of a daughter or son. It’s a must – have. Mrs Malgorzata considered many options of head accessories, but she excluded a cocktail hat. A delicate fascinator seemed too modest, a crazy version of it, rather inappropriate for her son's wedding. We picked a toque, but splendid – it supposed to be stylish and modern. To the minimalist dress in raspberry color, Mrs Małgorzata decided to wear golden accessories. The toque in color of the old gold with the black pen beautifully matched to a type of beauty of the groom’s mother.